Monday, April 21, 2008

First practice and game ... lots 'o fun

We had our first practice and game over the past week ... lots 'o fun. We were relegated to "the trees" for our practice ... players included Nikkii Yarbrough, Melvin Moore, Michael Delormier, Benjamin Mearns, and a passerby named Malcom. Everyone caught on fast with throws, we had some practice throwing around trees (just as we might throw around defenders), and getting discs out of trees

Our first game started off as a fast paced two on two with Michael Delormier, Jimmy Klo. versus Benjamin Mearns and Melvin Moore. Boy am I out of shape! We were joined around half way through by Haftum, who happened to walk by (he is a high school student being mentored by my advisor, Amy Hillier).

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